Apr. 11th, 2017

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I'm copy pasting from last year, if you think some of this is odd. XD Updated dates though!

It's baaaaaack.....

The Game:
Picking the NHL Stanley Cup 2017 winner.

How to Play:
Like any regular playoff pool - but just to be sure everyone's on the same page: each bracket represents a series (eg, Tampa Bay Lightning vs Detroit Red Wings). You pick which team you think is going to win that series and move on to the next round. Let's say you pick Tampa Bay; and you also pick the Florida Panthers to win their bracket. You then pick who you think will win in round 2 of Tampa Bay vs Florida. So on and so on until you have two teams in the final and you pick which team is the ultimate winner.

1. Brackets MUST be filled out before noon CST on Friday April 14th.
2. For each team you select correctly, you'll get 5 points. To use the earlier example, if you picked the Panthers and Detroit - if both teams won their first round series, you'd get 10 points; if only 1 you'd get 5; none you'd get 0. Etc.
3. Correctly selecting the Stanley Cup champion is worth 10 points if there's a tie.
4. Whomever has the most points at the end of the finals is the winner.
5. Feel free to join in some friendly teasing, but keep it civil. Unless you are mocking the Hawks or Red Wings because they're pure evil.
6. Anyone found actively rooting for the Red Wings or Hawks will be side-eyed mightily by your hostess. Mightily. (See?)
7. That said, choose your brackets how you wish - some of us know our home teams aren't going to make it to the end but feel obligated to take the risk and take them deep into the tournament. Your priorities are your own; none of us can fault you for team pride. <3

Sounds like fun, how do I join in?
Go here to get your bracket.
Comment on this post. Anon commenting is on so you don't have to dig out your old password (though it would help).
You can either screen cap and modify that bracket; draw your own; list off choices; whatever - just make it obvious which teams you're picking.
Sit back and rake in the kudos.

And what do I win?
...uh.....title of Hockey Ruler of the Universe and the ability to brag and lord it over everyone?

2015 Winner - Tey
2016 Winner - Amy

Any questions? :D

Have at it!


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